How to Hard Reset Xiaomi 8 Mi, Mi 8 Mi 8 Pro and Lite

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Do you want to know about how to hard reset Xiaomi 8 Mi, Mi 8 Mi 8 Pro and Lite? In this post I will try to give tips about the stage and hopefully this can be your reference.

hard reset Xiaomi 8 Mi, Mi 8 Mi 8 Pro and Lite

Have knowledge of how to restore its own smartphone is highly recommended and whoever it is. As a new user of smartphones is certainly not to be a problem if have to learn about an important stage as a hard reset.

The stage will have benefits not previously know and can most easily be the means for you to do. How big is your flavor on its own smartphone would be useless if you can not optimize the smartphone.

How to Hard Reset Xiaomi 8 Mi, Mi 8 Mi 8 Pro and Lite

Wherever you are, this can be a solution when something happens on your smartphone Xiaomi Mi 8 belongs to you. It’s not as easy as turn the Palm of the hand but you may choose to simply fix forgot pattern if it is that you are experiencing.

Although your smartphone is very sophisticated, when things happened to make You unable to use the smartphone then there is no other choice. Restore factory settings is usually performed by several people including also other smartphone users apart from model Xiaomi.

It’s not like the latest MIUI update steps necessary for downloading the firmware. However, if you need an update, I also already serves some files that you can select. Reset the reset very do not require file what else must use a PC to do this.

You only need a few stage only and it can be found from my guide. Aside from that, if it turns out your smartphone are less stable performance in response to the application, that you can complete and very quick to optimizations. From some of them like this, frezz application you can also try now so that your smartphone even better than now.

The following is about a stage hard reset Xiaomi 8 Mi, Mi 8 Mi 8 Pro and Lite

  1. Strive that the battery is not empty or fill in the past about 70 percent
  2. If your smartphone in a position is lit, please now you make to off
  3. After that, you can press the second button i.e. Volume (+) and Power simultaneously and then hold several seconds
  4. Then, you will see a menu of recovery appearing Mi 8 Go Mi Xiaomi Recovery 8
  5. At this point you can press the Volume button (-) or Volume (+) as a navigation
  6. Next, you can press the Power to confirm
  7. Please make a selection on the data Wipe
  8. Next please select the Confirm
  9. You will see the process of formating data such as menu loading
  10. Please wait a few minutes until the notification Data wiped SuccessfullyTahap Wipe Data Xiaomi Mi 8
  11. Then select Back because the process is finished
  12. The last stage please select the Reboot system now

When all the stages you already do well and succeed, time to wait that the smartphone will also restart for a few minutes. After this, you will see the smartphone is like new again because it is already set to the manufacturer’s settings.

If you have an email account and account Mi active, be sure to log in so you can use your smartphone is new. On the other hand, if you see Your downloaded applications such as games or applications missing social media, you can find it in the Playstore. Maybe you should download again to have the application you want to add as a collection as well as your needs.

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