Mandatory You Know Before You Buy Goods On The Black Market

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The more sophisticated gadgets on sale in the market, making a lot of people are tempted to buy it. Unfortunately, the desire is often hit by the issue price is generally not appropriate conditions the bag. As a result, quite a number of them are turning up in Black Market goods purchased (BM) for the sake of getting a relatively more affordable prices. Do you also do the same thing?

Do Not Buy Black Market

True to its name, BM is the place to sell things dark or counterfeit, ranging from stolen or who did not qualify for the national test. The type of goods sold any manifold, such as notebooks, auto parts motor, electronics, etc. In Indonesia, the existence of BM even have entered the realm of online. You may be tempted by cheap prices offered by the BM, but before you do that there are some things below that you can understand in the past about buying goods in BM.

2 the type of goods sold on the BM

Generally, there are two types of goods sold on the BM. First is the original stuff that does not cost the tax. The quality is of course a good thing because it is the original stuff, but because it avoids the cost of taxes, later the price of goods thus can be high. While the second type of goods being sold on the BM is second-hand or did not pass the test are still worth taking. If seen at a glance, these items may still look good, but the Interior had a bad quality. Typically, these items are sold very cheap due to the age of life will not be long.

Similar Is Not Necessarily The Same

Usually, the most widely sold on the BM is a gadget, one of these smartphones. For example, you buy A smartphone in one of BM. You will earn one unit of smartphones along with cardboard and guidebooks. However, there are also some sellers who do not give it. If seen in a single point of view, the smartphone does really resemble the original version. But don’t be happy just yet,. So try, new you will feel the difference significant enough, an example of the quality of the camera is not clear or the performance of which is not quick.

Do Not Follow The Standard Of Your Country

As mentioned earlier, one of the types of goods sold on the BM are the goods that do not qualify for a test run. There are also items that are not through the process of endorsement from Indonesia’s official Test Hall. As a result, the item does not have an official certificate and entry into Indonesia without paying taxes. Automatic country ever participated suffered losses.

Hard To Be Serviced In Case Of Damage

What do you do if you damage the gadget? Of course you will immediately take him to the handyman services, isn’t it? Generally the seller at BM is not the usual warranty you get when buying the original version. So when you take it to the place of service, they will most likely be rejected if know you gadget is purchasing goods from BM. Possible place services that also have trouble fixing gadgets you because its components different.

Sale Price Slump Much

If it is this way, selling gadget has become the only way out. However, you will likely get constraints because if potential buyers know the gadget itself is the stuff of BM, he will surely ask for very cheap prices or even not so buy it at all. Even if for example you BM is still good stuff, prospective buyers also will definitely check it out again.

So, from the above exposure, how pandanganmu is now about buying goods in BM? Indeed without ‘ friendly ‘ in terms of price and also update with goods for sale. But remember, the goods purchased from the official place will not disappoint despite the look of the outside look the same with BM. Well, if there is between the spAcer friends still often buy goods BM, immediately share this article so that they think twice about buying goods in BM.

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